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Building Your Own Microlight

Although it is not a suitable route for everyone it is possible to build your own aircraft. If you are the type of person who enjoys building things it can be a very rewarding experience to build your own aircraft from a kit. This approach is not necessarily as difficult as you may at first think. The time it takes will depend to a great extent on the particular kit you decide upon. Some kits require a great number of hours to complete while others can be completed in a relatively short period. One particular kit with a reasonable build time is the “Skyranger” the construction of which will be followed on this site.

What Is A Skyranger

A Skyranger is a tube and fabric, 3-axis, 2 seat, high wing monoplane microlight, with conventional controls.

Maximum Take-off Weight
Wing Area
Wing Span
Max Chord
Length Overall
Fuselage Width
Tail Span
H eight Overall
Height to Cabin Top
Undercarriage Track


A range of engine options are available including both 2-stroke and 4-stroke types. Performance and price will depend upon the choice of engine but even the smaller engines will give a climb rate of around 800 ft / min and a cruising speed of 80 mph!